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If you are an author or publisher considering me for a review copy, let me just say how honored I am. That said, I should mention that I am incredibly finicky about what I read, and I don’t give out 5 star ratings too often. Please take a moment to look over my terms and preferences below to make sure I am the right fit for your book.
Reading levels I enjoy: Adult, New Adult and Young Adult. I rarely read Middle Grade.

My favorite genres are:

- Urban Fantasy
- Horror
- Dark fantasy
- Psychological thrillers
- Contemporary romance (only YA and NA)
- Nonfiction books about writing

Specific things that often catch my eye:

- Humor
- Zombies
- Ghosts
- Awesomely twisted bad guys
- LGBTQI themes
- Lots of action and explosions
- Bad ass main characters
I enjoy friendship dynamics far more than romance dynamics. If a book makes me laugh out loud, I will be hooked. I like hopeful endings, don’t depress me (the exception to this is, of course, horror, where most everyone tends to die). I love character driven stories, even more so if there is a lot of internalized conflict. I like awkward people and self confessed geeks.

Things I’m not too fond of (but might be willing to overlook if the story synopsis sounds amazing):

- Vampires
- Angels
- Fantasy with little going for it but the romance (paranormal romance, I am looking at you)
- Dystopian
- Science fiction
- Historical
- Love triangles
- Characters who can’t think for themselves and need to be taken care of
- Lots of angst
Still here and still interested? Awesome! Please use the form below (or email the needed info to lindie(dot)dagenhart(at)gmail(dot)com). Due to an already staggering TBR pile and time constraints, I will only accept books I am honestly excited to read.
While I take print copies, please note that I live in South Africa, and postage can be a real PITA. I will accept ebooks (PDF or Epub preferred) or audiobooks (downloadable mp3 or m4b preferred).
I am willing to read and review self published novels as long as 1) it has been professionally edited, 2) it has a professional looking cover design, and 3) it makes me itch to read it.

I will not be reviewing erotic romances on this blog. Which is not to say that I don’t enjoy reading them, I do, but this is just not the avenue for that. Maybe some day in the future I will have a naughty corner.

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  1. pennyo says:

    yeah, i like ghost stories, but vampires and vampire love stories is not my thing.

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