Know Me Better #2

Hosted by Kathy @ I Am A Reader, Not A Writer.

This week’s Questions

  • Is there anything you would like to say to or ask your favorite author?
  • Are you a dreamer or a realist?
  • Theater or Rental?
  • Share a family tradition.
  • Favorite late night snack?

Is there anything you would like to say to or ask your favorite author?

Uh… can we be BFFs forever? Can I sleep over at your place and rifle through your rough drafts while you’re not looking? Can I go all Misery on you?

Yeah, no, it’s probably for the best that I not be allowed near famous people. I have a 39% chance of being scary, a 60% chance of just giggling and knocking things over, and a 1% chance of wetting myself in joy. I am bad at social situations, yo.

Are you a dreamer or a realist?

I call myself a realist, but am in fact a dreamer. I could spend hours lost in daydreams and never get bored.

Theater or Rental?

Little bit of both. If it’s an action adventure Pirates of the Carribean type movie, definitely the theatre. If it’s something that will make me cry like a 4 year old, rental. Which I will watch alone. In a dark room. I also like to watch horror movies alone in a darkened room.

Share a family tradition.

I am trying to think of one, but it seems my family isn’t very traditional at all. Uh… we watch Fringe together? Like, record the entire season and then camp out for a weekend marathoning the episodes. We haven’t done so with the last season yet, weekends haven’t been restive lately. We do this for a lot of TV shows, actually. Some things I like to watch alone (True Blood, I am looking at you, my mother does not need to see so many naked people), but I like introducing people to awesome new shows.

Favorite late night snack?

Tall glass of Coke Zero and whatever is left over from dinner. Or better yet, cookies/crackers/chips if I have any in the house. Which I normally don’t because I a glutton and finish it all in one sitting.

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2 Responses to Know Me Better #2

  1. Rivie says:

    That is what I like to do with sad movies that I know will make me cry. I watch them alone, if others are watching it I get up and do something else when the sad part comes.
    That is a cool and fun tradition

  2. I enjoyed your weblog.Thanks for sharing.

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