Blog Tour: Girls Love Travis Walker by Anne Pfeffer

Girls Love Travis Walker by Anne Pfeffer

Title: Girls Love Travis Walker
Author: Anne Pfeffer
Published: March 15th 2013
Genre: New Adult Contemporary
Source: Reading Addiction Blog Tours

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To nineteen-year-old high school dropout Travis Walker, women are like snowflakes–each one different, but beautiful in her own way.

He can charm any girl he meets, and yet down deep he fears he’ll always be a loser like his jailbird father. As the landlady threatens to evict him and his sick mother, Travis takes a job he hates and spends his evenings picking up girls at a nearby night spot.

When he enlists in a teen program at the local fire station, he finds out he’s amazing at it. Then he meets the smoking hot Kat Summers, enlists Kat’s friend Zoey to help him woo her, and falls in love for the first time ever.

But he keeps the details of his life secret. His girl will never love him back if she knows the truth about him…

Girls do indeed love Travis Walker, though for the first part of the book I had trouble figuring out why. He comes across as kind of a jerk, and at first it’s difficult to root for him the way he treats girls.

Then something amazing happens. Or awful, if you think about it. Travis’ world falls apart. He has to drop out of high school to try and keep a roof over his and his mother’s heads. Money is tight, and no matter how hard he tries, Travis can’t keep things from slipping away. His father is in prison, giving Travis just enough doubt to make him worry that he will end up the same way. His mother’s health is rapidly declining, and the local free clinic can’t even spare a doctor to look at her, the best they can offer is a grumpy nurse who keeps insisting it’s just depression. The power gets cut off. The phone was already cut off. Their land lady threatens to kick them out every time she sees Travis. He’s so far behind on the rent that there is no way he can even hope to catch up.

Travis has only two things that keep him going: the Fire Department’s Discovery Program, which is the first thing he’s ever been really good at, and the girl he meets at the community centre.

As his life continues to disintegrate, those two things seem more and more out of his reach. The Discovery Program is only for high school students, and sooner or later they are going to realize that he’s no longer attending school. The girl may spend every day trying to save the homeless and downtrodden, but she might not be so interested in dating one of them.

I’m not sure when, but somewhere in the course of the story Travis grew on me. And then he broke my heart. Have some tissues handy, because this story gets downright emotional towards the end.


Anne Pfeffer lives in Los Angeles, CA near a large rotating neon chicken head with her daughter and her dachshund, Taco.

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